Chris Neff- Avid Outdoorsman

I booked my first trip with Captain Athey March 3 2013. We caught several big fish that day including my new best freshwater yet weighing in at 67 lbs.I have fished several different rivers as well as different seasons since. I have caught 3 fish over 65 lbs with my largest being 73 pounds. I have caught 20 fish over 30 pounds as well with Captain Athey. This has grown into a several times a year trip I do trying to beat my personal best.The best part is I know I'm fishing with a captain that has the skills and knowledge to catch fish of that caliber. If your looking for a captain that will do all he can to make your day a trip of a lifetime look no further.

3 Trips! 3 Giants over 60 pounds! I'm Chris Neff. That's my testimonial above. Also shown are catches from my second and third trip with Captain Tommy. Who else can put a 60+ pounder in your boat on 3 out of 3 trips!

Randy Kremer President, Rugs Direct

I was skeptical of the excitement of catfishing. I've heard lots of stories, but thought the chances of catching a big cat were pretty small. Well Tommy changed that in a big hurry. Within minutes of putting out our first set we had rods bending all over the boat and were landing 20-30 pound cats. Tommy said 'Time to move. These aren't big enough.'. I thought he was crazy. Leaving biting fish? We proceeded to another spot and caught a 43 pounder. I was pumped. Tommy thought we could do better! I was already happy as could be. Tommy maneuvered over a shelf and said it was where the big ones come to feed. We set lines and waited.We didn't have to wait long. A rod bent over. Then another, and another. We had fish all over the boat! At the end of the day we had landed and released 22 cats over 20 pounds. Several were over 30. I was a 40 pounder and the days giant cat tipped the scales at 63 pounds! Captain Athey, you know your stuff! I can't wait for my next outing.


Ryan Russell

That's it boys and girls first set about pulled me over the boat 79 pounds! The new boat record 8 pounds shy of Maryland state record first fish blue baby! Just want to thank Tommy for all the fun and not a moment when the group wasn't laughing! We had a blast today...crappy conditions but when you catch a river monster like that, it doesn't really matter at that point!


Dom Smyth

Hey everyone of you all want an opportunity to catch a fish like this one? Then you should contact Tommy Athey. This guy definitely puts you on these big blues, knows the water like you wouldn't believe and works his ass off to get citations in the boat. Hell of a trip. You could have one bigger than this one haha hit him up!

Adam Clemendem

Thank you Tommy Athey for running a first class operation. I recommend your service to anyone. We had a blast. Can't wait till the next trip.